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Projects in Brundall – Healthy Brundall

 Brundall is getting healthyparkrun   We now have Stuart Kenrick the new run Director, and an Organising Group of six including Paul Taylor and Martin Davies who are both Councillors.    


Now open for growing and able to take non Brundall residents!! You should ACT NOW if you want one.  

Friends of the Countryside Park. We now have a working Friends group in place.   More ‘Friends’ are still welcome.   

Friends of Cremers Meadow. We have now formed a group of ‘Friends’ who will be interested in working to create a wild life haven on Cremers Meadow – now owned by the village of Brundall. If you’d like to be involved, let us know.


If you would like to be involved in any of these health-giving village projects, you can contact the Clerk at the Memorial Hall (or leave a note there), or email the Chairman at or the Clerk at . They will pass your message on to the respective leaders.

Brundall Parish Council wins a Biodiversity Award

Please click on the link below to see an article about our new award:

Norfolk Biodiversity Awards 2015

Brundall Parish Council is pleased and proud to announce it has been awarded a top honour for its recent acquisition and development of two parcels of land – Cremer’s Meadow and the Countryside Park. It was awarded the honours due to its community efforts to conserve biodiversity and its enthusiasm plus systematic approach taken to develop the green infrastructure within the village. Cremer’s Meadow has its own Friends group to enhance and develop the site for everyone to enjoy in years to come. The Countryside Park which also has a Friends group, boasts an allotment site, a new Woodland bearing native species and areas to walk through including Low Farm Wood, situated to the North of Postwick Lane. The Council has been successful in setting up a new parkrun facility for all which complements nature with health.

Biodiversity Awards 2015

Group photo of the Norfolk Biodiversity Award winners 2015 including Brundall Parish Council representatives Martin Davies, Greg Chandler and John Philp along with our nominator Heidi Thompson

The Awards Ceremony where Martin Davies received the Honour for the Parish And Town Council category

The Awards Ceremony where Martin Davies received the Honour for the Parish And Town Council category

Neighbourhood Plan – Pre Submission Draft Consultation

Brundall Parish Council initiated the Neighbourhood Plan along with a working party made up of community minded individuals. Without the expertise  of Ingham & Pinnock Consultants, funded by the Community Development Foundation (Locality) to help us to prepare this draft of our Brundall Neighbourhood Plan, we are in no doubt that the process would have been infinitely more difficult.

Brundall is located approximately 7 miles east of Norwich and to the north of the River Yare. The village abuts Surlingham Broad and part of the parish falls within Norfolk Broads National Park. The village has a population of approximately 4,000 residents, is home to a number of number of shops and services and contains a high concentration of employment in the boating and marine sector. It has two railways stations with good links to Norwich and Great Yarmouth and is surrounded by exceptional countryside.

The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan will enable the local community to establish policy solutions for issues within the Parish over the next ten years and help to ensure that future changes reflect local needs and aspirations.

Pre-submission consultation:

Thank you for visiting this Brundall Parish Neighbourhood Plan page.  The Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation period runs from 5th December to 30th January 2015.  Please follow the link below to review the below document and tell us what you think about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for the village:

Specific services:

  • Funding application development and submission
  • Social and economic baseline research
  • Formal and informal consultation with the local community, businesses and local stakeholder groups
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a vision and objectives
  • Working collaboratively to produce policies and appraising compliance with strategic planning policies
  • Preparation and submission of the final suite of documents

For further information:

 Further information sources:





Parish Survey Interim data results

Thanks to Cllr Ian Walters for collating the Survey results relating to the qualitative data. Please click on the link below to view:

Report of BPC household survey 2013 (3)


The Action Plan will be published in due course. The data is already being used for input into the Neighbourhood Plan and for decision making on the CDROB Committee. (Committee for the Development of Recreational Opportunities in Brundall).

Parish Survey of Village Opinion

We have had many replies already. Please note the date of the deadline to return your Surveys is Friday December 20th.

Drop off points at Budgens (at the checkout), Cards and Candy, Brundall Home Hardware, Brundall School and the Library.

We are very keen to receive your valuable opinions! You could win £50.00 for your entry to be placed in a Prize Draw.



Here is a link to the Blofield and District Conservation Group: