Notice of Appointment of Date for the Exercise of Public Rights

Each year the Council’s Annual Return is audited by an auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited.  Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounts to be audited and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to them.  For the year ended 31 March 2018 these documents will be available on reasonable notice on application to:

Mrs Claudia Dickson, Locum Clerk, c/o Brundall Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall,  Norfolk NR13 5LL, 01603 712223, 07809 144342,

Commencing on Wednesday 13th June 2018 and ending on Tuesday 24th July 2018

Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Please see below for notification of a Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Notice of Casual Vacancy Brundall

New email for the Parish Council Clerk

The new email address for Brundall Parish Council is Please use this from 1st April 2018. Any emails sent to the old hotmail email will be forwarded on to the new one.

Parish Council Information

At a Parish Council Meeting held on 23 October 2008 the following resolution was made:
It was resolved by a unanimous decision that the Parish Council will adopt, without modification, the Model Publication Scheme as developed and approved by the Information Commissioner in line with Section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  The Parish Clerk was requested to take any necessary actions for the Parish Council to comply with the Model Publication Scheme, as soon as possible”
In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, please find listed below details of, and links to, information available on this website

Annual Return Section1​

Description of information available If a link is shown below please click on it to view the available information on this website (please use your browser’s back button to return to this page)
Model Publication Scheme (details of information available from Brundall Parish Council, as required by section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000) Freedom of information info available mod pub scheme
Schedule of charges for information provided by Brundall Parish Council Freedom of information charges
Class 1 – Who we are and what we do:
Cemetery Fees and Regulations: Cemetery Fees 2016
Contact details for Parish Clerk see panel to right
Pension Policy 2018  Brundall PC Pension Policy





Income and expenditure
Budget vs Actual Expenditure to date
Annual return form and external auditor’s report 2016-17

 Section1 Annual Return

Section 2 Annual Return

Annual Return_Box 7 and 8 reconciliation

Bank reconciliation
Internal Audit Report

Annual Return Section 3

Conclusion of Audit Notice

Budget and Precept for 2018-19

Budget Precept 2018-19


Annual Parish Report
Quality Status No information held at present
Local charters drawn up in accordance with DCLG guidelines No information held at present
Notice of appointment dates and exercise of pubic rights for for External Audit/Annual Return 2016-17

 Notice of External Audit_11-5-17

Confirmation regarding the exercise of public rights 2017

Timetable of meetings See Information (Calender of Meetings)
Agendas of meetings Brundall meeting agendas
Minutes of meetings Brundall meeting minutes
Reports presented to council meetings Please apply to Parish Clerk for hard copy of specific reports
Responses to consultation papers Please apply to Parish Clerk for hard copy of specific consultation papers
Responses to planning applications Please apply to Parish Clerk for hard copy of responses to specific planning applications
Bye-Laws No information held at present
Class 5 – Our policies and procedures
Policies and procedures for the conduct of council business:
Procedural Standing Orders Standing orders May 2016
Financial Regulations Financial regulations updated January 2017
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct – Adopted 14 June 2012
Policy statements  Complaints Policy

Policies and procedures for the provision of services and about the employment of staff:
Internal policies relating to the delivery of services No information held at present
Equality and diversity policy Equalities Policy Statement
Health and safety policy No information held at present
Recruitment policies Employment Policy
General policies:
Policies and procedures for handling requests for information  Freedom of Information Policy
Complaints procedures Complaints Policy
Information security policy  



No information held at present



Records management policies  



Data protection policies  



No information held at present



Schedule of charges for the publication of information Schedule of charges for information provided by Brundall Parish Council
Members Lists and Registers
Assets Register Please apply to Parish Clerk for a hard copy of the assets register
Disclosure log (indicating the information that has been provided in response to requests; recommended as good practice, but may not be held by parish councils) No information held at present
Register of members’ interests Please apply to Parish Clerk for a hard copy of members’ interests
Register of gifts and hospitality No information held at present
Class 7 – The services we offer
Burial ground and playing field,  Cucumber Lane Brundall Cemetery
Playgrounds (Near Memorial Hall, Links Avenue and Meadow View, Westfield Road) Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to playgrounds
Skate park (Near Memorial Hall, Links Avenue) Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to the Skate Park
Seating Please contact the Parish Clerk for information relating to seating
Street Lighting Click here
Bus shelters (Outside Budgens, Homesdale Road, Cucumber Lane and Strumphaw Road) Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to bus shelters
Litter bins Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to litter bins
Local Nature Reserve at Church Fen
Additional information
Documents archived with Norfolk County Council Records Office Please note that, in addition to the above information shown, a large amount of historical information regarding Brundall Parish Council is available for public viewing at Norfolk County Council Records Office, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH.  Please click on the following link for further details:
If you wish to view any documents in person, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07809 144342 or email to

Greater Norwich Local Plan GNLP – consultation

GNLP Consultation Events

There will be a consultation day to look at the sites which landowners and developers have said should be site allocated for Housing. Our event is on Monday 22nd January from 2pm to 8pm in Brundall Memorial Hall. Click on the link below to see this and to see other venues listed:

Brundall’s New Facebook page

We are always seeking ways of keeping up with the times and so have created our new Facebook page for all those who would like to comment on current issues and communicate in a way which is much more instant and helpful.

Click on the link below and see if you would like to add any posts which may be of help to other residents:



Calendar of Meetings for the year ahead

Please click on the link to see the Calendar for this coming year:

Please note we now hold meetings at the St Laurence Centre.  The Clerk’s office is located at the Memorial Hall. Telephone 01603 712223.

Council-Calendar-of-Meetings-April 2018 to March 2019

Street Lights

Q. How can I report faulty street lights?

A. If you are aware of a faulty street light please do not hesitate to report it.  When reporting a fault it would be most helpful if you could provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • The name of the street in which the light is located
  • The number of the light – normally stencilled or stamped onto the lighting column
  • The property number or name nearest to the light
  • The type of fault eg not lighting, lighting at the wrong time, permanently on, damaged light, reduced intensity of the light etc

There are some 260 street lights in the village.  Some are the responsibility of the Parish Council and some are the responsibility of Norfolk County Council.  Listed below are the roads in which the street lights are the responsibility of Norfolk County Council and those that the Parish Council own. Please contact the relevant tel nos if you know of a fault.

Norfolk County Council: Click on Link below to report a fault to Norfolk County Council

(Scroll down further to see roads owned by the Parish Council):

Telephone: 0344 800 8020

  • Berryfields
  • Blofield Road
  • Brecklands Road
  • Deacon Close
  • Deepdale
  • Firtree Close
  • Greenacre Close
  • Grovebury Close
  • Lackford Close
  • Links Avenue
  • Mallard Close
  • Meadow View
  • Medswell Close
  • Morse Close
  • Oakdale Road
  • Oakhill
  • Postwick Lane
  • Riverdale Court
  • Station New Road
  • Station Road
  • Strumpshaw Road
  • The Coigncroft
  • The Dales
  • The Street
  • Westfield Road
  • Yare Valley Rise

Street lights in the below named roads should be reported to the Parish Council by telephoning 07809 144342. Your assistance is very much appreciated.

  • Beech Way
  • Beverley Road
  • Blofield Road
  • Brandon Court
  • Brigham Close
  • Cedar Way
  • Cucumber Lane
  • Finch Way
  • Foster Close
  • Highfield Avenue
  • Holmesdale Road
  • Levine Close
  • Longmeadow
  • Lake View Drive
  • Braydeston Crescent
  • Nurseries Avenue
  • Page Road
  • Parker Close
  • Redliffe Way
  • Riverside Estate
  • Rose Walk
  • Springdale Cresent and Springdale Road
  • St Clements Way
  • St Laurence Avenue
  • St Michaels Way

Parish Survey Interim data results

Thanks to Cllr Ian Walters for collating the Survey results relating to the qualitative data. Please click on the link below to view:

Report of BPC household survey 2013 (3)


The Action Plan will be published in due course. The data is already being used for input into the Neighbourhood Plan and for decision making on the CDROB Committee. (Committee for the Development of Recreational Opportunities in Brundall).

Brundall Cemetery


UK Power Networks are carrying out some overhead cable work in this Cemetery on Tuesday 15th April and Wednesday 16th April.

They will be working on one side of the Cemetery only directly underneath the overhead power cables and at times in the spare Cemetery field.

We apologise for the inconvenience to all visitors to the Cemetery on these days.