Heritage Sites in Brundall

There is a very interesting website called the Norfolk Heritage Explorer, which details all archaelogical finds and information about heritage buildings in the village. There are 66 results to explore, so click on the link to be able to find out more about our very interesting village, from Brundall Church to a Roman building in Brundall Gardens:

Parish Tree Warden

Brundall is part of the Tree Council’s Tree Warden initiative whereby we have a voluntary Tree Warden who is able to look after the interests of all trees in our village. The Tree Officer at Broadland District Council is Stephen-Chesney Beales who oversees all Tree Wardens in the Broadland area. If you would like to know more about this scheme please visit the Broadland District Council website.

Brundall’s Parish Tree Warden is Tim Strudwick. If you have any concerns over a tree issue in Brundall and would like to make contact with the PTW, please contact Sharon Smyth on 07809 144342 or email:

The clerk will put you in direct contact with the Tree Warden.