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If you are a local non-commercial community organisation, in or near Brundall, we would be very pleased to include your posters or notices on our website. If you wish, we could also post them up, space permitting, on at least one of the notice boards in the village.

Please send or email your posters or notices to our Parish Clerk, Sharon Smyth. Contact details are shown on the right.

Greater Norwich Local Plan GNLP – consultation

GNLP Consultation Events

There will be a consultation day to look at the sites which landowners and developers have said should be site allocated for Housing. Our event is on Monday 22nd January from 2pm to 8pm in Brundall Memorial Hall. Click on the link below to see this and to see other venues listed:

New Councillor Surgeries for 2018

Councillor Surgeries

Following a number of requests from residents who attended our monthly meetings the Parish Council has decided to run a monthly surgery to see if this can improve resident to Councillor communication.

There are 4 confirmed dates as stated below and the surgeries will be held at the Parish Council office (red door to the right hand side and rear of the Memorial Hall) on a Saturday morning between 10am and 12pm:

Saturday January 20th

Saturday February 17th

Saturday March 10th

Saturday April 21st

If the surgeries are well attended and following a review it is likely these will be a regular feature of Council life. We will be issuing individual Council email addresses for each Councillor and more information on the website and in the Memorial Hall Foyer to allow residents to get to know who their Councillors are.

On this Parish Council website there is an option to subscribe to each update put on the website so residents can be alerted via their email to any new items being published. The website also contains the monthly Agenda and Minutes. We also have a Face book page which contains alerts to village issues, events and even utility alerts where possible.

Brundall Countryside Park – Car Park Works

Alert – Monday 19th November 2017

We have had to close off the Countryside Park on Postwick Lane car park off due to emergency resurfacing works to the ruts which were becoming too deep to navigate by vehicle and bicycle. It will be closed to all vehicles for 3 to 4 days. We particularly apologise to the allotment tenants and users of the Park for dog walking. Unfortunately the workmen just turned up today without prior notice. However the improvements will make access much smoother.

Police Event – Acle SNAP Meeting 15th November 2017

The following is a Police Connect message:

The next Acle Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting will take place as follows:

Weds 15th Nov, 7pm at Lingwood Village Hall.

The SNT have kept the one Priority of ‘ASB from youths in Brundall’.

Planning Applicaton 20171386 Land to the east of Brundall Memorial Hall

There is an application for residents to view relating to land to the east of Brundall Memorial Hall. Please follow the link to view the 76 documents online. If you have any opinion you wish Broadland District council to consider the deadline for comments is 8th September 2017. Brundall Parish Council will be pleased to be copied in to your comments. The Parish Council will be discussing and commenting on the application at its Meeting on 25th September 2017. This planning application missed the August Agenda.
Link to application from Quantum Land number 20171386:…/…/dms/DocumentViewer.aspx…

Documents associated with the planning application you selected are listed below. These are typically stored in .pdf format to minimise the file size. Your browser may not allow you to open .tif files directly in the browser window, in which case you should choose to save the file to your computer f…

Cremer’s Meadow off Blofield Road, Brundall


Brundall Parish Council

Cremer’s Meadow County Wildlife Site

Blofield Road, Brundall

Wildlife Discovery Days


Cremer’s Meadow County Wildlife Site

Blofield Road, Brundall

Wildlife Discovery Days 2017

Saturdays May 6th, June 17th (Orchid Day) , and July 8th from 2-4pm

The Friends of Cremer’s Meadow are running these free events for people of all ages.  There will be guided tours, and Friends on hand to answer questions about the meadow.

  • Come and see some of the 276 species of plants found in the site.
  • Admire the hundreds of wild orchids in June.
  • Find out the names of wild flowers.
  • Learn about the birds, bats and moths in the meadow.
  • Meet the invertebrates who live in the pond.



Cremer’s Meadow is open to the public. The Friends group has been working extremely hard and fast to clear the meadow of junk and rubbish before allowing residents to access it and enjoy it to its full potential. The Meadow can be found by accessing a public footpath located opposite no 19 Blofield Road. The Meadow is through a wooden gate to the left only 25 yards down this lane. The leader of the group is Gill Buckley. Many thanks are owed to Mrs Shirley Cremer who is now the Patron of the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow who has given her blessing for the land to be bought. We have given her the Council’s assurance that the land will remain largely unspoilt and remain in public ownership. Anyone who would like to join the Friends group, please call Gill Buckley on 01603 717064.

Cremer’s Meadow Location

Cremer’s Policy statement2016










1. Elections are to be held of COUNTY COUNCILLORS for the divisions listed below

2. ONE councillor is to be elected for each division as shown in the table below:


Division No. of councillors to be elected


Nomination Papers may be obtained from the DEPUTY RETURNING OFFICER, BROADLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL, THORPE LODGE, 1 YARMOUTH ROAD, THORPE ST ANDREW, NORWICH, NR7 0DU who at the request of an elector for any electoral area prepare a nomination for signature.


Nomination papers must be delivered during normal office hours (9.00am and 5.00 pm) on any working day from the date of this notice, but not later than 4pm on Tuesday 4 April 2017, to the DEPUTY RETURNING OFFICER, BROADLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL, THORPE LODGE, 1 YARMOUTH ROAD, THORPE ST ANDREW, NORWICH NR7 0DU.


If the election in respect of any division is contested, the poll will take place on THURSDAY, 4 MAY 2017.


Applications, amendments or cancellations of postal votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer, BROADLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL, THORPE LODGE, 1 YARMOUTH ROAD, THORPE ST ANDREW, NORWICH, NR7 0DU by 5pm on Tuesday 18 April 2017 if they are to be effective for this election. Applications for a proxy vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2017. New applications to vote by emergency proxy on the grounds of physical incapacity or for work reasons must be received by not later than 5pm, Thursday, 4 May 2017. The physical incapacity must have occurred after 5 pm on 25 April 2017. To apply on the grounds of work/service, the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5 pm on 25 April 2017.




Event POSTPONED_Norfolk Constabulary Meeting – Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP)

The Below event is now postponed

Residents of Acle/Brundall/Postwick, Lingwood and Strumpshaw are invited to join the Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting this Saturday, 18 February 2017, from 08:30 at Brundall Park Run, Postwick Lane, Brundall.

The meeting will give people the chance to raise any issues or concerns they may have about where they live and speak to panel members made up of representatives from the police, district council and other agencies.

The panel will decide on the priorities for the area for all partners to act upon for the next two months. Current priorities are to tackle anti social behaviour in Brundall. If you would like to think about what the priorities should be please go and meet with the team to request a change in priorities.

Anyone unable to attend can speak with an officer from Acle Safer Neighbourhood Team by calling 101. Please note parking is very always very tight on the Countryside Park so walking, cycling or car sharing would be better. Or arrive early!


John Evans Good Citizen Award 2017

Nominations for the 2017 John Evans Good Citizen Awards are invited. If you know of someone who has done lots of community- spirited work for the village let us know. If you prefer to privately nominate, please email We would like nominations in by Friday 7th April. Thanks.




Neighbourhood Plan – Result of Referendum 11 March 2016

The Brundall Referendum on Friday 11th March resulted in the following outcome:

In answer to the question, “Do you want Broadland District Council and the Broads Authority to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Brundall area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

873 voters said YES (92%) and 74 voters said NO (8%).

The turn-out was 29.5% of the total electorate.

The Chairman of the Working Group that prepared the Plan for Broadland District Council, Professor Martin Davies, said: “This result is fantastic.  It shows that the Plan accurately reflects public opinion in the village in respect of the six policies that make up the Plan.    It is good that, for the first time in history, the feelings of village residents will carry significant weight in the planning process.”

The policies concern:

– the preservation of important rural landscapes,

– improvements for pedestrians on The Street,

– increased recreational facilities,

– greater provision of housing-with-care for older people

– and of  nurseries for the under-fives,

– and a new network of footpaths and cycle-ways.

The Plan will remain in force for ten years.



On Friday 11th March, all residents of Brundall will be invited to vote FOR or AGAINST the six policies that emerged from the village consultation that took place in 2014-15.

The policies aim to achieve:

  • the protection of the pedestrian environment on The Street
  • the provision of more walking and cycling routes
  • the preservation of two important views in Brundall
  • the development of more recreational opportunities
  • the supply of housing with care for older people
  • the enhancement of Brundall’s pre-school facilities


Free copies of the Neighbourhood Plan which outlines these policies will be available from 35 The Street or from the Parish Council Office during February. Alternatively please email for an online copy. If you have no access online and have mobility and transport difficulties, please call 01603 712223 for a copy to be delivered to you.

If a majority of those who vote say YES to the Neighbourhood Plan, it will carry significant weight when the District Council considers future planning applications.

If you are on the Electoral Register for Brundall, you will receive a special voting card in good time before March 11th.

Venue: Brundall Memorial Hall between 7am and 10pm.


The outcome matters to YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!








Neighbourhood Plan new 6 week Public Consultation commencing on 22nd June 2015:

Please see the attached notice by clicking on the Link below:


PUBLIC NOTICE Brundall NDP publication (1)


Brundall Parish Council initiated the Neighbourhood Plan along with a working party made up of community minded individuals. Without the expertise  of Ingham & Pinnock Consultants, funded by the Community Development Foundation (Locality) to help us to prepare this draft of our Brundall Neighbourhood Plan, we are in no doubt that the process would have been infinitely more difficult.

Brundall is located approximately 7 miles east of Norwich and to the north of the River Yare. The village abuts Surlingham Broad and part of the parish falls within Norfolk Broads National Park. The village has a population of approximately 4,000 residents, is home to a number of number of shops and services and contains a high concentration of employment in the boating and marine sector. It has two railways stations with good links to Norwich and Great Yarmouth and is surrounded by exceptional countryside.

The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan will enable the local community to establish policy solutions for issues within the Parish over the next ten years and help to ensure that future changes reflect local needs and aspirations.

Pre-submission consultation:

Thank you for visiting this Brundall Parish Neighbourhood Plan page.  The Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation period runs from 5th December to 30th January 2015.  Please follow the link below to review the below document and tell us what you think about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for the village:

Specific services:

  • Funding application development and submission
  • Social and economic baseline research
  • Formal and informal consultation with the local community, businesses and local stakeholder groups
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a vision and objectives
  • Working collaboratively to produce policies and appraising compliance with strategic planning policies
  • Preparation and submission of the final suite of documents

For further information:

 Further information sources:


The Parish Council

‘Neighbourhood Plans’ are a product of the Coalition Government’s localism policy.  The plans are being prepared by Parish and Town Councils all over the country.  Because Brundall’s Parish Council is committed to ensuring that our village remains a top-class place to live, it decided to play its part in the process.  Work has been going on throughout 2014: a working group made up of councillors and other residents of the village has met regularly, and two consultation days have been held at the Memorial Hall when residents of Brundall were invited to tell us what they thought.  As a result, eight draft policies have been drawn up:    subject to further discussion, the Neighbourhood Plan will argue for  . . .

. . . the preservation of a Green Corridor along the Lackford Run from Yarmouth Road in the North to the Strumpshaw boundary in the East;

. . . the provision of an improved and joined-up network of footpaths and cycle ways in the village;

. . . the protection and enhancement of Brundall’s important views: looking South from Braydeston Church and North East from the Memorial Hall;

. . . the protection and enhancement of boat building and marine related businesses in Brundall;

. . . the achievement of public access to the River Yare, ideally including a public slipway and green open space by the waterfront;

. . .  the introduction of measures to protect and improve the environmental quality of the Street for pedestrians and local businesses;

. . . the provision of enhanced recreation facilities in the village;

. . . the delivery of improved pre-school provision in the village, and the exploration of whether there is a need in the village for ‘housing with care’ facilities for old people.

Three meetings of the Working Group during the Autumn will lead to the preparation of a final text, and the views of residents are still being invited.     If you have an opinion, please tell the Clerk.

The Plan itself will not, of course, guarantee the resources necessary for the achievement of its policies, but, once in place (and if it has been approved next year in a referendum of  Brundall residents), it will provide a framework that will require Brundall Parish Council and Broadland District Council to take full account of it in pursuit of their own respective policies