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If you are a local non-commercial community organisation, in or near Brundall, we would be very pleased to include your posters or notices on our website. If you wish, we could also post them up, space permitting, on at least one of the notice boards in the village.

Please send or email your posters or notices to our Parish Clerk, Sharon Smyth. Contact details are shown on the right.

Neighbourhood Plan – Upcoming Referendum In Brundall

The Neighbourhood Plan



On Friday 11th March, all residents of Brundall will be invited to vote FOR or AGAINST the six policies that emerged from the village consultation that took place in 2014-15.

The policies aim to achieve:

  • the protection of the pedestrian environment on The Street
  • the provision of more walking and cycling routes
  • the preservation of two important views in Brundall
  • the development of more recreational opportunities
  • the supply of housing with care for older people
  • the enhancement of Brundall’s pre-school facilities

Free copies of the Neighbourhood Plan which outlines these policies will be available from 35 The Street or from the Parish Council Office during February. Alternatively please email for an online copy. If you have no access online and have mobility and transport difficulties, please call 01603 712223 for a copy to be delivered to you.

If a majority of those who vote say YES to the Neighbourhood Plan, it will carry significant weight when the District Council considers future planning applications.

If you are on the Electoral Register for Brundall, you will receive a special voting card in good time before March 11th.

Venue: Brundall Memorial Hall between 7am and 10pm.


The outcome matters to YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!

In accordance with Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Broadland District Council & The Broads Authority have decided to approve that the proposed Brundall Neighbourhood Plan proceeds to a referendum, subject to certain modifications. A copy of the Neighbourhood Plan document for Brundall and the decision notice can be found, amongst the other relevant documents of the Plan by clicking the link to Broadland District Council’s website below:




Grass Cutting and Cleaning and Inspection contract for Brundall

Please click on link for details:

New Tenders for Brundall Parish 2018


Let’s Keep Our Beautiful Village Tidy!!

Please click on the link below to view the poster…

Let’s Keep Our Beautiful Village Tidy!!

Community Speed Watch Volunteers Required

Our Community Speedwatch team is seeking two new volunteers. If you would like to join dedicated team of volunteers to carry out Community Speedwatch on behalf of Norfolk Constabulary, please contact Stephen Rix on 01603 211549.

Broadland District Council’s Top Dog Campaign

Please click on the link below to find out more about this campaign that everyone can get involved in and benefit from free dog poo bags and a ribbon for your pooch!:

Dog Fouling in Brundall

What is the law relating to dog fouling?

Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 it is an offence not to clean up after a dog has defecated on public land.

 Where does the law apply?

Councils can order dog owners to clean up after their dogs in public area like:

  • Parks/Recreation grounds/Children’s playgrounds/Sports grounds/Picnic sites
  • Pedestrianised areas/Pavements/Verges/Footpaths/Carriageways

 What are the penalties for dog fouling?

People who do not clean up after their dog can be given a £50 on-the-spot fine. If they refuse to pay the fine, they can be prosecuted and may face a court appearance with a maximum penalty of £1,000. Registered blind dog owners are exempt from penalties.

 What if I know of someone allowing their dog to foul?

If you are aware of offenders causing a particular problem in your neighbourhood then contact the Broadland District Council’s Street Scene Team. Tel 01603 430534

 What evidence does the council need?

For us to take formal action, someone has to see the dog(s) causing the fouling nuisance.  That person will need to give a witness statement (available on Broadland’s website, Brundall Parish Council’s website, or by telephoning the Parish Clerk on 07809 144342) and may be required to go to Court as a witness on behalf of the Council.

What are the health risks associated with dog fouling?

Toxocara canis is a roundworm found in dogs. Roundworm eggs are found in dog mess, which can easily be picked up by young children. This causes stomach upsets, sore throats, asthma and in rare cases blindness. The eggs can remain active in the soil for many years, long after the dog mess has weathered away.

 How do I clear up after my dog at home? 

There are three disposal methods we would recommend for dog waste from the home:

  • Most pet stores sell ‘Dog loos’.  These are set into the ground and are supplied with a bioactivator to help break down dog faeces;
  • The dog waste can be buried in your garden;
  • The dog waste can be double wrapped in plastic bags and placed in your green wheeled bin (household rubbish).
Please click on the link below to download a copy of a witness statement to send to the enforcement team at Broadland District Council:
Brundall Parish Council thanks all residents for their vigilence in keeping the pavements, paths and amenity areas clear of dog mess.




Neighbourhood Plan – Pre Submission Draft Consultation

Brundall Parish Council initiated the Neighbourhood Plan along with a working party made up of community minded individuals. Without the expertise  of Ingham & Pinnock Consultants, funded by the Community Development Foundation (Locality) to help us to prepare this draft of our Brundall Neighbourhood Plan, we are in no doubt that the process would have been infinitely more difficult.

Brundall is located approximately 7 miles east of Norwich and to the north of the River Yare. The village abuts Surlingham Broad and part of the parish falls within Norfolk Broads National Park. The village has a population of approximately 4,000 residents, is home to a number of number of shops and services and contains a high concentration of employment in the boating and marine sector. It has two railways stations with good links to Norwich and Great Yarmouth and is surrounded by exceptional countryside.

The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan will enable the local community to establish policy solutions for issues within the Parish over the next ten years and help to ensure that future changes reflect local needs and aspirations.

Pre-submission consultation:

Thank you for visiting this Brundall Parish Neighbourhood Plan page.  The Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation period runs from 5th December to 30th January 2015.  Please follow the link below to review the below document and tell us what you think about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for the village:

Specific services:

  • Funding application development and submission
  • Social and economic baseline research
  • Formal and informal consultation with the local community, businesses and local stakeholder groups
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a vision and objectives
  • Working collaboratively to produce policies and appraising compliance with strategic planning policies
  • Preparation and submission of the final suite of documents

For further information:

 Further information sources:





Public Consultation Event – Brundall Neighbourhood Plan

Please see the poster which details the public consultation event which we are holding on July 19th. All are welcome to give us your views on the future of the village.


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May 10th click below@


Brundall Cemetery


UK Power Networks are carrying out some overhead cable work in this Cemetery on Tuesday 15th April and Wednesday 16th April.

They will be working on one side of the Cemetery only directly underneath the overhead power cables and at times in the spare Cemetery field.

We apologise for the inconvenience to all visitors to the Cemetery on these days.

Free prescription Delivery Service for the housebound

Residents may wish to know that Brundall’s Co-Operative Chemist does run a free prescription deilvery service. They will arrange to deliver prescriptions to those residents who are housebound and will even let them know if their prescription needs renewing. Please click onto the link below to find out more about this valuable service: