Brundall Parish Council

Brundall Parish Council is a Local Authority organisation serving the Parish of Brundall and Braydeston.

Brundall Parish Council consists of up to 12 residents of Brundall, who give their time and effort freely for the benefit of the community.  Members of the Parish Council are normally elected to serve, by the residents of Brundall, every 4 years.

The Parish Council is responsible for many things including:

  • Monitoring and reporting on the general tidiness of the village
  • Management of grass cutting to public areas
  • Expressing views and recommendations on local Planning Applications
  • Organising the Community Speed Watch scheme in Brundall, in conjunction with the local police

The provision and maintenance of:

  • Bus Shelters
  • Cucumber Lane Cemetery
  • Memorial Hall Playground
  • Meadow View Play Area
  • Cremer’s Meadow
  • The award winning Church Fen Local Nature Reserve
  • Public Leisure Areas -including the new Countryside Park with newly planted woodland and allotments and award winning Cremer’s Meadow 
  • Street Lighting 
  • Public Seating/Benches
  • Litter and Dog Bins

Members of the Parish Council meet once a month at a Parish Council Meeting to discuss, report, monitor and, most importantly, make decisions on matters concerning the village of Brundall.

These Meetings are held at the St Laurence Centre, Brundall, on the fourth Monday of each month at 7.00 pm.  For the Events Calendar see Information section to view the dates and venues for all Meetings dates or click below to see the new Calendar:

Council-Calendar-of-Meetings-April 2019 to March 2020

In addition to being published on this web site, the Agendas and the venue of meetings are always posted on the 3 village notice boards located by the Chip Shop, outside the blue Co-Op and in The Street Car Park.  Members of the public are very welcome and actively encouraged to attend and express their views or concerns on Parish matters, during an adjournment of the formal meeting.   Don’t miss out, have your say!!

If after exploring these web pages you want to find out more about the Parish Council or are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor), call the Parish Clerk, on 01603 712223 or Mobile: 07809 144342 or email us at [email protected]

Contact hours for the public at the Memorial Hall office are 1pm to 3.00pm every weekday except Mondays.

Emergency Mobile number is 07809 144342  eg; to report dangerous amenity situations. Alternative number 07769 972902

Brundall Boatyard, The River Yare

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Brundall Parish Allotments

The Brundall Parish Allotments opened in October 2014. Please see the link to the Brundall Allotment Association website for details on how to acquire an allotment plot:

Brundall Allotment Association

Allotments in decline – but not in Brundall . . .

Nationally, the number of allotments in cultivation has fallen from its peak of 1.5 million in 1945 to 250,000 today.     But Brundall, to the East of Norwich, is bucking the trend, and October 18th sees the official opening of its new allotment site in 5 acres of its Countryside Park.  There are 66 signed-up allotmenteers (some having half a plot).  They are of all ages and backgrounds, and some plots are being worked by whole families.

After planning permission was given by Broadland District Council and security fencing put in place, the first task was to mark the field out with its 54 plots.    Although it had been ploughed in the summer, the weeds had grown, and when the plot-holders took possession of their ‘little piece of Norfolk’ they set about removing the weeds, double-digging, manuring the soil and planting whatever is appropriate for the Autumn weather – as well as some things that are probably not.

Although allotments can look boring, the sense of excitement among the Brundall suburbanites committed to re-connecting to their rural roots has been palpable.  It is an activity that is health-giving, provides them and their families with food to eat, and forges new friendships with people they’d never met before.  In a village that is not well-endowed with outdoor recreational pursuits, it is a splendid illustration of the value of the Government’s localism agenda.

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Professor Martin Davies, said: “The allotments could not have happened without the generosity of the developers, Persimmon, who made available funds from their Brundall building site on The Pastures to fuel the Parish Council’s policy of creating more recreational opportunities for the village.  And they could not have happened without the willingness of Norfolk County Council’s NPS division to lease the land (previously used for farming) to the Parish Council on a 21-year tenancy.”

As well as the allotments, and thanks to the generosity of the Forestry Commission and the Woodland Trust, the Parish Council will shortly plant 1500 broad-leaved trees on another part of the field to create community woodland and orchards in the Countryside Park.

A third use of the 12.6 acre field is planned for May 2015 if the Council’s negotiations with parkrun UK enable it to launch a weekly Saturday-morning Brundall parkrun on the site.

Enquiries to: the Secretary of the Brundall Allotments Association, Rob Aram on 01603 715590 or [email protected]

Brundall Parish Allotments - first plots to be developed

Brundall Parish Allotments – first plots to be developed


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Casual Vacancy for 1 Councillor


New vacancy following the resignation of Cllr Michael Snowling.

Notice of Casual Vacancy_18-6-2020



The Casual Vacancy Notice expiring on 27th January did not result in a request for an election. The council intends to co-opt at the March 2020 Meeting. If anyone is interested in applying. Please let the Clerk know by 9th March.


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Your Parish Council

Parish Council Representatives

Kevin Wilkins – Chairman of the Council

12 Lake View Drive, NR13 5LT

Email: [email protected]

Joe Warns – Vice-Chairman of the Council

Tel: 01603 712365

Graham Abbott – Councillor

Mobile: 07774 001810


Gill Buckley – Councillor

4 Holmesdale Road, NR13 5LX

01603 717064

Julie Mickelburgh – Councillor

6 St Clements Way, NR13 5QW


Grant Nurden – Councillor

108 Lackford Close, NR13 5NL

01603 712170 Mobile 07766 389599

Frank Thorpe – Councillor

41 Highfield Avenue, NR13 5NT

Email: [email protected]

Joe Warns – Vice-Chairman of the Council

Tel: 01603 712365

Lawrence Britt – Councillor

96 The Street, NR13 5LP

John Warne – Councillor

12 Grovebury Close, NR13 5LP Tel: 01603 715926


Chris Whitehouse – Councillor

23 Mallard Close, Brundall, NR13 5PR

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Councillors, Committees and Representatives

Parish Council Representatives

John Warne – Councillor

12 Grovebury Close, NR13 5LP

email via the Clerk

Kevin Wilkins – Chairman

12 Lake View Drive, NR13 5LT

Email: [email protected]

Graham Abbott – Councillor

Email: Via the Clerk

Gill Buckley – Councillor

4 Holmesdale Road, NR13 5LX

Email: Via the Clerk

Julie Mickelburgh – Councillor

6 St Clements Way, NR13 5QW

Email: Via the Clerk

Grant Nurden – Councillor

108 Lackford Close, NR13 5NL

Email: Via the Clerk

Frank Thorpe – Councillor

41 Highfield Avenue, NR13 5NT

Email: via the Clerk

Joe Warns – Vice-Chairman of the Council

Email: Via the Clerk

Lawrence Britt – Councillor

96 The Street, NR13 5LP

Email: Via the Clerk

Chris Whitehouse – Councillor 

23 Mallard Close , NR13 5PR

Email: Via the Clerk

Mike Savory

Email: via the Clerk

Membership of Committees:

Advisory Committee – Cllrs G Nurden, J Mickleburgh, J S Warne, (substitute) Vacancy

Land Management Committee – Cllr Graham Abbott (Chairman), Cllr Frank Thorpe, Cllr Gill Buckley, Cllr John Warne, Cllr Lawrence Britt (substitute)

CDROB – Cllr Lawrence Britt (Chairman), Cllr Julie Mickelburgh, Vacancy, Gill Buckley, Rev Peter Leech, Cllr Mike Savory, Marianne Gibbs,

Recreational Facility – Cllrs K Wilkins, J Warns, L Britt

Land Acquisition sub group Cllrs K Wilkins, J Warns and M Savory

Sub Planning Group – Cllr Lawrence Britt, Cllr Joe Warns, Cllr Julie Mickelburgh.

Representatives to bodies and associations:

Brundall Memorial Hall – Cllr Frank Thorpe

Community Police Liaison – Sharon Smyth (Clerk)

NorfolkALC /NALC – S Smyth (Clerk)

Local Authority Cluster  – Cllr G Nurden, Cllr J Mickelburgh 

Allotment Association – Via Land Management Committee

Parish Council appointments:

Parish Tree Warden – Richard Farley

Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator – Vacancy

Friends Group leaders

Cremer’s Meadow – Cllr Gill Buckley/Judy Davies

Countryside Park – Tim Strudwick

Park Run Liaison – Barbara Button

Clerk contact email: [email protected]

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Brundall Parish Councillors 2019-23

Elected councillors allowed: 12 members

Current vacancies: 1

Chairman: Kevin Wilkins

Vice ChairmanJoe Warns


Grant Nurden

Julie Mickelburgh

John S Warne

Graham Abbott

Gill Buckley

Frank Thorpe

Lawrence Britt

Mike Savory

Chris Whitehouse


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Brundall Countryside Park


Friends of the Countryside Park 

See below link for the location of the Countryside Park open space for Brundall:

Location plan of the Countryside Park

There is a Friends groups doing great work to develop and maintain the site. contact Tim Strudwick on 01603 715191 or the Clerk to the Parish Council.

There were 1600 trees planted on the Park in 2015 following a grant from the Forestry Commission and the  species listed are as follows:

Oak (400), Birch (300), Hazel (300), Cherry (100), Hawthorn (100), Field Maple (100), Guelder Rose (50), Sweet Chestnut (100), Crab Apple (50), Myrobalan Plum (50) and Blackthorn (50).


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Agendas of Parish Council Meetings for 2020

Note: due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 precautions the country is undertaking, we have taken the decision to arrange all Council and sub committee meetings by video link using the Zoom application.


Next Meeting is on 22nd June at 7pm. The Agenda for this meeting is below. Please contact the Deputy Clerk Claudia Dickson to be sent the link to the meeting.

Agenda 22 June 2020

Agenda Land Management Committee 11 June 2020

Agenda Advisory and Scrutiny Committee 4th June 2020

Here are the Agendas for the Parish Council Meetings of the Parish Council for 2020. Please ask the Clerks for copies of 2019 Agendas and prior dates.

Agenda 18 May 2020

Agenda Land Management Committee 12 March 2020

Agenda 24 February 2020

Agenda 20 January 2020

Council-Calendar-of-Meetings-April 2020 to March 2021




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Notice of Appointment of the date for the Exercise of Public Rights

Notice of Appointment of Date for the Exercise of Public Rights

Each year the Council’s Annual Return is audited by an auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited.  Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounts to be audited and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts relating to them.  For the year ended 31 March 2020 these documents will be available on reasonable notice on application to:

Mrs Claudia Dickson, Deputy Clerk and RFO, Brundall Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall, Norfolk NR13 5LL, 01603 712223, 07769 972902, [email protected]

Commencing on Monday 29th June 2020 and ending on Friday 7th August 2020.

These accounts are as yet unaudited.

Notice of Public Rights 2019-20

Year End Bank Reconciliation 2019-20

Explanation of variance 2019-20

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Minutes 2020 and prior

Draft Minutes LM Committee 11th June 2020

Minutes 18 May 2020

Minutes LM Committee 12th March 2020

Minutes 24 February 2020

Minutes 20 January 2020

Minutes LM Committee 13th January 2020

Minutes 16 December 2019

Minutes 25 November 2019

Minutes 28 October 2019

Minutes LM Committee 17th October 2019

Minutes 23 September 2019

Minutes 19 August 2019

Minutes of CDROB Meeting on 6th August 2019

Minutes LM Committee 15th August 2019

Minutes 22 July 2019

Minutes 24 June 2019

Minutes LM Committee 13th June 2019

Minutes AGM 21 May 2019

Minutes of CDROB Meeting on 14th May 2019

Minutes 29 April 2019

Minutes of CDROB Meeting on 26th April 2019

Minutes Advisory Committee 25th April 2019

Minutes of CDROB Meeting on 25th March 2019

Minutes 25 March 2019

Minutes 25 February 2019

Minutes 28 January 2019

Minutes of CDROB meeting on 25th January 2019


Minutes 17 December 2018

Minutes LM Committee 13th December 2018

Minutes of CDROB meeting on 30th November 2018

Minutes 26 November 2018

Minutes LM Committee 19th September 2018

Minutes 22 October 2018

Minutes 24 September 2018

CDROB Minutes 21st September 2018

Minutes 20 August 2018

Minutes 23 July 2018

Minutes 4 July 2018

Minutes 25 June 2018

Minutes Advisory Committee 22nd June 2018

Minutes LM Committee 14th June 2018

Minutes AGM 23 May 2018

Minutes LM Committee 15th March 2018

Minutes 23 April 2018

Minutes 26 March 2018

Minutes 26 February 2018

Minutes of CDROB meeting on 25th September 2017

Minutes 22 January 2018-draft


Minutes 18 December 2017

Minutes 27 November 2017

Minutes 23 October 2017

Minutes 25 September 2017

Minutes LM Committee Sep 2017

Minutes 21 August 2017

Minutes 24 July 2017

Minutes 26 June 2017

Response to Broom Boats letter to planning dated 25-5-17

Response to Broom Boats agent DLA Piper’s letter to planning re Hopkins Homes 18-5-17

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 22nd May 2017

Minutes 24 April 2017

Minutes 27 March 2017

Minutes 27 February 2017

Minutes 23 January 2017


Minutes 19th December 2016

Minutes 28 November 2016

Minutes 24 October 2016


Minutes 22 August 2016

Minutes 1st August 2016

Minutes 27th June 2016

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2016

Minutes 21 April 2016

Minutes 21 March 2016

Minutes 22 February 2016

Minutes 22 January 2016


Minutes 21 December 2015

Minutes 23 November 2015

Minutes 26 October 2015

Draft_Minutes-Advisory_Committee 17th March 2015

Minutes 28 September 2015

Draft_Minutes-Church Fen 20 Oct 14

Minutes 24 August 2015

Minutes 27th July 2015(1)

Minutes 22nd June 2015

Minutes Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 14th May 2015

Minutes 24 April 2015

Minutes 23rd March 2015

Minutes 23rd February 2015

Minutes 26 January 2015


Minutes 22 December 2014Minutes 24 November 2014Minutes 27 October 2014Minutes 22nd September 2014Minutes 18th August 2014Minutes 28th July 2014Minutes 7th July 2014Minutes 23rd June 2014Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting 8th May 2014Minutes 28 April 2014Minutes 24 March 2014Minutes 24 February 2014Minutes 27 Jan 2014,






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Police Newsletter April 2020

5-5-2020 – E2_Newsletter


Community Update 240420
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Parish Council Information

Scroll Down to view the Parish Council information and statutory documents:

Description of information available If a link is shown below please click on it to view the available information on this website (please use your browser’s back button to return to this page)
Model Publication Scheme (details of information available from Brundall Parish Council, as required by section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000)

Freedom of information info available mod pub scheme

Freedom_of_Information_Policy_Approved 25_11_2019

Schedule of charges for information provided by Brundall Parish Council Freedom of information charges
Cemetery Fees and Regulations: Cemetery-Fees-2019
Contact details for Parish Clerk see panel to right
Pension Policy 2018  Brundall PC Pension Policy
Income and expenditure Actuals vs Budget 2019-20
Budget vs Actual Expenditure to date
Annual return form and external auditor’s report NO0075 AGAR 2018-19
NO0075 S3

Notice of Public Rights 2019-20

Notice of Public Rights 2018-19 only

Budget and Precept

Precept Budget 2020-21

Budget Precept 2019-20 Final

Annual Parish Report Annual Parish Report May 2019
Quality Status No information held at present
Local charters drawn up in accordance with DCLG guidelines No information held at present
Notice of appointment dates and exercise of pubic rights for for External Audit/Annual Return



Timetable of meetings

Council-Calendar-of-Meetings-April 2019 to March 2020

Council-Calendar-of-Meetings-April 2020 to March 2021

Agendas of meetings Brundall meeting agendas
Minutes of meetings Brundall meeting minutes
Reports presented to council meetings Please apply to Parish Clerk for hard copy of specific reports
Responses to consultation papers Please apply to Parish Clerk for hard copy of specific consultation papers
Responses to planning applications Please apply to Parish Clerk for hard copy of responses to specific planning applications
Bye-Laws No information held at present
Class 5 – Our policies and procedures
Policies and procedures for the conduct of council business:
Procedural Standing Orders Model standing orders November 2019
Financial Regulations Financial regulations Approved 21 May 2019
Code of Conduct
At a Parish Council Meeting held on 23 October 2008 the following resolution was made:
It was resolved by a unanimous decision that the Parish Council will adopt, without modification, the Model Publication Scheme as developed and approved by the Information Commissioner in line with Section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  The Parish Clerk was requested to take any necessary actions for the Parish Council to comply with the Model Publication Scheme, as soon as possible”
In compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, please find listed below details of, and links to, information available on this website

Code of Conduct – Adopted 14 June 2012

Policies List

 Complaints Policy

Communications Policy

Co-options Policy 2019

Policies and procedures for the provision of services and about the employment of staff:
Internal policies relating to the delivery of services No information held at present
Equality and diversity policy Equalities Policy Statement_13_11_2019
Health and safety policy No information held at present
Recruitment policies Employment Policy
General policies:
Policies and procedures for handling requests for information Freedom_of_Information__Policy_Approved 25_11_2019
Complaints procedures Complaints Policy
Information security policy
 No information held at present
Records management policies  

Schedule of charges for the publication of information Schedule of charges for information provided by Brundall Parish Council
Members Lists and Registers
Assets Register Please apply to Parish Clerk for a hard copy of the assets register
Register of members’ interests Please apply to Parish Clerk for a hard copy of members’ interests
Register of gifts and hospitality No information held at present
Burial ground and playing field,  Cucumber Lane Brundall Cemetery
Playgrounds (Near Memorial Hall, Links Avenue and Meadow View, Westfield Road) Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to playgrounds
Skate park (Near Memorial Hall, Links Avenue) Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to the Skate Park
Seating Please contact the Parish Clerk for information relating to seating
Street Lighting
Bus shelters -Outside Budgens, Homesdale Road, 2 at Cucumber Lane and Strumphaw Road , The Rectory and The Dales To report issues with any of these shelters contact the Clerks
Litter bins Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information relating to litter bins
Local Nature Reserve at Church Fen
Additional information
Documents archived with Norfolk County Council Records Office Please note that, in addition to the above information shown, a large amount of historical information regarding Brundall Parish Council is available for public viewing at Norfolk County Council Records Office, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH.  Please click on the following link for further details:
If you wish to view any documents in person, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07809 144342 or email to [email protected]
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