Councillors, Committees and Representatives

Parish Council Representatives

John Warne – Councillor

12 Grovebury Close, NR13 5LP Tel: 01603 715926

Email: [email protected]

Kevin Wilkins – Chairman

12 Lake View Drive, NR13 5LT

Email: [email protected]

Graham Abbott – Councillor

Mobile: 07774 001810

Email: [email protected]

Gill Buckley – Councillor

4 Holmesdale Road, NR13 5LX

01603 717064

Email: [email protected]

Julie Mickelburgh – Councillor

6 St Clements Way, NR13 5QW

Email: [email protected]

Grant Nurden – Councillor

108 Lackford Close, NR13 5NL

01603 712170 Mobile 07766 389599

Email: [email protected]

Robert Price – Councillor

5 Church Lane, NR13 5JZ

Email: [email protected]

Frank Thorpe – Councillor

41 Highfield Avenue, NR13 5NT

Email: [email protected]

Joe Warns – Vice-Chairman of the Council

Tel: 01603 712365

Email: [email protected]

Lawrence Britt – Councillor

96 The Street, NR13 5LP

Email: [email protected]

Michael Snowling – Councillor 

1 Braydeston Avenue, NR13 5JX

Email: [email protected]

Alice Free

Email via Clerk: [email protected]


Membership of Committees:

Advisory Committee – Cllrs G Nurden, J Mickleburgh, J S Warne, Clerk

Land Management Committee – Cllr Robert Price (Chairman), Cllr Joe Warns, Cllr Frank Thorpe, Cllr Graham Abbott

CDROB – Cllr Lawrence Britt (Chairman), Cllr Julie Mickelburgh, Cllr John Warne, Cllr Joe Warns, Cllr Gill Buckley, Rev Peter Leech, Grant Nurden (Thorpe High School)

Recreational Facility – Cllrs K Wilkins, J Warns, L Britt

Sub Planning Group – Cllr Lawrence Britt, Cllr Joe Warns, Cllr Julie Mickelburgh.

Representatives to bodies and associations:

Brundall Memorial Hall – Cllr Lawrence Britt

Community Police Liaison – Sharon Smyth (Clerk)

NALC – S Smyth (Clerk)

Local Authority Cluster  – Cllr G Nurden, Cllr J Mickelburgh 

Allotment Association – Cllr John Warne

Parish Council appointments:

Parish Tree Warden – Tim Strudwick

Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator – Stephen Rix

Friends Group leaders

Cremer’s Meadow – Cllr Gill Buckley

Countryside Park – Greg Chandler

Park Run Liaison – Phil Henry / Paul Taylor

Clerk contact email: [email protected]

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