Public Right of Way Campaign – Riverside Areas

Brundall is conducting an effort to add two new public rights of way to the Riverside Area.

See document below to see the campaign details so far.

PROW_Public Right of Way Campaign August 2019_web version


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2 Responses to Public Right of Way Campaign – Riverside Areas

  1. Nina Perrin says:

    Good afternoon,

    I just went for a walk hoping to go past the bistro and there are a lot of signs saying PRIVATE, Berth holders only, NO ENTRY. Am I too late to go for a walk that way?

    • brundallparishcouncil says:

      Hello Nina. Yes if you are not a person with authorised access this area is closed to the public. Authorised people would be berth-holders, owners, staff of Brundall Bay Marina and their visitors who are authorised by them.

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