Road-naming for the new Norfolk Homes development – Church Mead

Suggestions are being requested for the new road names at the Norfolk Homes/Broom Boats development for 155  houses, off Berryfields. The name of the new estate is to be Church Mead.

Broadland District Council will have the final say but are open to suggestions for road names. They need to name around 6 or 7 roads. If the roads are named after local people then the person/people they are named after must be deceased.

Any suggestions for road names must come through the Clerk via email: [email protected] by 5pm, 7th March 2021.

More information from Brundall Local History Group – The history of road names in Brundall or see the BLHG live link on our Homepage:





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2 Responses to Road-naming for the new Norfolk Homes development – Church Mead

  1. E Daniels says:

    The last crops planted on these fields were strawberries and raspberries so all roads should be named after varieties of these crops
    Whoever decided to call this developed Church Mead ought to think again only church you can see is Blofield church,

    • brundallparishcouncil says:

      Thank you Mr Daniels. I will pass this onto the Council. We contacted Norfolk Homes to enquire why Church Mead was chosen and it was because of the view of Blofield Church and a Mead is an old word for meadow.

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