Brundall Litter Pick Day

Brundall Litter Pick Day

We have all seen the litter problem around our village of Brundall. Discarded fast food containers, drinks bottles, face masks and picnic food wrappers. It can make you feel angry, saddened and along with news articles on plastic waste in our oceans, overwhelmed. And it is getting worse.

It has been a difficult year for many. What can we do about any of this?

Well, we can be positive, “can do” people and make a difference. The benefit to us is that it will make our village look better, and I guarantee you it will make you feel better as a result.

Brundall Parish Council is organizing a litter pick on Sunday 25th July at 10.30 am. Please let the Clerk know if you will be attending by Friday 23rd July. Call 07809 144342 or email [email protected]

We want this to be easy, quick and accessible to all. We have all got busy lives and lots to do, so here’s the plan:

Meet at the Memorial Hall car park at 10.30am on Sunday 25th July. The Clerk will give you a bin bag and disposable gloves (if you don’t have any suitable gloves) and, if there are enough to go around, a litter pick stick.

Litter pick your own street, road, or area as you know it best. You know where the litter is. Just let the Clerk know which area you are covering so there isn’t any duplication.

Pick for 30 minutes, an hour or a couple of hours. Whatever time you can spare, it really is a case of ” every little helps”, and it will make a difference.

If you can put the rubbish bag in your own green bin, great that helps. If not bring it back to the Memorial Hall afterwards for the Clerk to arrange disposal via Broadland District Council.

And finally, please send us your pictures of your litter picking results to the Parish Clerk. We want to spread this positivity around the village. Who knows? If this is successful, we could have another or regular litter picking days. Summer holidays are coming soon, and we know that creates litter. It is all too easy to post negativity on social media these days, you can see a lot of it, so let us spread some good positivity around!

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