Brundall A47 roundabout

Brundall Parish Council responded to a 2 week consultation by Highways England, asking for views on the A47 Brundall roundabout with regard to cycling, footpaths and horse-riding.

At its meeting on 28th June the Council ratified the following comments to Highways England submitted on 13th May 2021:


We strongly recommend consideration is given to a reduced speed limit (from 70mph to 50 mph) from both east and west directions leading onto Brundall Roundabout for safety of all users.

A slip road is created from the Cucumber Lane arm heading west and joining the A47.

Zebra crossing to be considered on Cucumber Lane to enable safe crossing from the west of the village leading to the roundabout and onto the new Norfolk Homes housing, 3G pitch (sports hub). McDonalds, Shell Garage, Brundall Cemetery, and the village of Blofield plus Postwick FP1.

Cycleway scheme on the new footpath from the Berryfields housing development

A bridge over the A47 linking to Postwick FP1.


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