• Hay making at Cremer’s Meadow 6th September

    The Friends of Cremer’s Meadow are holding the annual cut of the water meadow which enables us to continue to provide an environment for a rich range of meadow flowers and wildlife. Due to successful management, the Southern Marsh Orchids have continued to thrive – with 7000+ counted this year.
    Volunteers are needed to help with moving the cut hay on Wednesday 6th September.
    No experience or tools are required, all will be provided.
    Join us in this rewarding task and then have a free light lunch provided by the Central England Co-op.
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  • Cremer’s Meadow Orchid Day 17th June 2023

    Orchid day poster 2023
  • John Evans Good Citizen Award 2023 – Friends of Cremer’s Meadow

    The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Wednesday 5th April at the St Laurence Centre.

    During the proceedings an annual award is given to an individual or group that is deserving of recognition for their voluntary efforts for Brundall.

    The 2023 recipient was the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow group.

    The Chairman of the Parish Council spoke in tribute to the Friends:

    Brundall Parish Council was fortunate to be able to purchase land from Shirley Cremer in 2014. The land was beautiful but required significant work to enable it to be opened as a community space for the village and its visitors.

    To enable that work to take place, a Friends of Cremer’s Meadow group was established and set about the various tasks at that time.

    A great deal of very heavy work was initially required including the removal of unstable buildings, dismantling seemingly miles of fencing and the odd washing machine and bathtub.

    The caravan in the meadow was removed along with a number of other vehicles which had almost rooted to the spot.

    The Friends did not hesitate to roll up their sleeves and over many months the site we see today started to appear.

    Cremer’s Meadow was eventually safe to open to the public in 2016 and the work of the Friends turned predominately to maintenance and ongoing improvement.

    Over the past few years, the Friends have met weekly on a Friday morning to follow the maintenance plan. The expertise within the group is utilised to ensure that the development of the site follows the correct environmental pathways. Sometimes the work is heavy and dirty, sometimes it is about preserving a precious specimen. No matter what the task, the group works together with good spirit and takes a great pride in what they are doing and achieving.

    The Friends also provide education about the site to groups of young children from the Guides, Scouts and school. It gives guided tours on occasions such as Orchid Day and also monitors how the wildlife on the site is being sustained and improved.

    Major, very exhausting, events such as the Cut and Clear work on the water meadow is enabling a rare and valuable piece of land to continue to produce a variety of wild flowers including the  famous Southern Marsh Orchids.

    Occasionally the Friends will do a piece of work in the wider community, for example tending the garden outside the Memorial Hall. But the main focus is always the site itself.

    Over the years the membership of the Friends group has fluctuated with some people leaving and some joining. There remains, however, a stable nucleus who were there at the beginning and who maintain a dedication to Cremer’s Meadow today.

    Without wanting to single out anyone as this is a group award, I do feel that I should make special mention of the work that Gill Buckley has done with the Friends Group since inception. Gill we are very grateful for all of your ongoing work.

    The Parish Council is extremely grateful to all of the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow for the enthusiastic and dedicated way they continue to support and develop Cremer’s Meadow and the model established by the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow is one which the Parish Council would like to extend to other sites.

    The Parish Council thanks each and every member of the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow for all of their achievements at this wonderful site and is delighted to present them with John Evans Good Citizen Award for 2023

    Mary Clarke with Brundall Parish Council Chairman Kevin Wilkins
    Representatives with Parish Council Chairman Kevin Wilkins. Left to Right: Gill Buckley, Steven Gibbons, Mary Clarke, Harry Buckley, Judy Davies, Rob Aram, Judith Robertson.





  • Cremer’s Meadow County Wildlife Site

    Cremer’s Meadow County Wildlife Site

    Blofield Road, Brundall

    Latest event:

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    Wildlife Discovery Days



    Wildlife Discovery Days

    The Friends of Cremer’s Meadow are running these free events for people of all ages.  There will be guided tours, and Friends on hand to answer questions about the meadow.

    • Come and see some of the 276 species of plants found in the site.
    • Admire the hundreds of wild orchids in June.
    • Find out the names of wild flowers.
    • Learn about the birds, bats and moths in the meadow.
    • Meet the invertebrates who live in the pond.



    Cremer’s Meadow is open to the public. The Friends group, having worked tirelessly to clear the meadow of junk and rubbish from 2014 to 2017, before allowing residents to access it and enjoy it to its full potential are working to develop the site to restore it to ensure it is a top wildlife site to visit. The Meadow can be found by accessing a public footpath located opposite no 19 Blofield Road. The Meadow is through a wooden gate to the left only 25 yards down this lane. The leader of the group is Gill Buckley. Many thanks are owed to Mrs Shirley Cremer who is now the Patron of the Friends of Cremer’s Meadow who has given her blessing for the land to be bought. We have given her the Council’s assurance that the land will remain largely unspoilt and remain in public ownership. Anyone who would like to join the Friends group, please call Gill Buckley on 01603 717064.

    Cremer’s Meadow Policy November 2020







  • Cremer’s Meadow Events

    Latest events:

    Poster for orchid day 2022
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