• Neighbourhood Plan

    The Brundall Neighbourhood Plan

    The Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in May 2016. Please see the document below to view the background and policies agreed and adopted following a rigorous and lengthy examination by residents and the planning authorities.

    Brundall_Neighbourhood_Plan_Adopted May 2016



    The Brundall Referendum on Friday 11th March resulted in the following outcome:

    Question voted upon, “Do you want Broadland District Council and the Broads Authority to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Brundall area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

    873 voters said YES (92%)

    74 voters said NO (8%).

    The turn-out was 29.5% of the total electorate – the highest turnout of all recent Broadland Neighbourhood Plans.

    Six policies that emerged from the village consultation that took place in 2014-15.

    The policies will aim to achieve:

    • the protection of the pedestrian environment on The Street
    • the provision of more walking and cycling routes
    • the preservation of two important views in Brundall
    • the development of more recreational opportunities
    • the supply of housing with care for older people
    • the enhancement of Brundall’s pre-school facilities


  • Neighbourhood Plan – Pre Submission Draft Consultation

    Brundall Parish Council initiated the Neighbourhood Plan along with a working party made up of community minded individuals. Without the expertise  of Ingham & Pinnock Consultants, funded by the Community Development Foundation (Locality) to help us to prepare this draft of our Brundall Neighbourhood Plan, we are in no doubt that the process would have been infinitely more difficult.

    Brundall is located approximately 7 miles east of Norwich and to the north of the River Yare. The village abuts Surlingham Broad and part of the parish falls within Norfolk Broads National Park. The village has a population of approximately 4,000 residents, is home to a number of number of shops and services and contains a high concentration of employment in the boating and marine sector. It has two railways stations with good links to Norwich and Great Yarmouth and is surrounded by exceptional countryside.

    The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan will enable the local community to establish policy solutions for issues within the Parish over the next ten years and help to ensure that future changes reflect local needs and aspirations.

    Pre-submission consultation:

    Thank you for visiting this Brundall Parish Neighbourhood Plan page.  The Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation period runs from 5th December to 30th January 2015.  Please follow the link below to review the below document and tell us what you think about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for the village:

    Brundall Neighbourhood Plan

    Specific services:

    • Funding application development and submission
    • Social and economic baseline research
    • Formal and informal consultation with the local community, businesses and local stakeholder groups
    • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
    • Development of a vision and objectives
    • Working collaboratively to produce policies and appraising compliance with strategic planning policies
    • Preparation and submission of the final suite of documents

    For further information:

     Further information sources:







  • Brundall Neighbourhood Plan 2014


    10 April 2014

    Brundall Neighbourhood Plan

    Public Consultation

    Saturday 10th May, mid-day to 4pm in the Memorial Hall

     Brundall Parish Council invites residents of the village and surrounding area to its first public consultation event on the Brundall Neighbourhood Plan.  The event is due to take place at the Memorial Hall on Saturday 10th May from mid-day to 4pm.  It will be an informal occasion, designed to allow residents to drop in throughout the day to share their thoughts and views.

    The consultation event is the first in a number of similar sessions due to take place during 2014 to allow everyone to have their say on the future of the village.  We would be delighted if you could spare some time to come along, learn more about Neighbourhood Planning and start to tell us your views on how you want the village to look in the future and how we need to be guiding any changes.

    It is vital that the Neighbourhood Plan, when it is published, should reflect the views and aspirations of the local community, and we encourage you to attend or follow its progress.

    Further information about the Neighbourhood Plan and the event will be available from the following sources:

    Website: Visit either the Brundall Parish Council website (https://brundallpc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/) or the Ingham Pinnock website (http://www.inghampinnock.com/brundall-neighbourhood-plan/) to be updated on progress and general information on neighbourhood planning

    Notice boards: Keep an eye on the village notice boards, details of events will be posted here.

    What is Neighbourhood Planning?

    Neighbourhood Planning is a new community-led planning initiative that has emerged from the Government’s Localism policy. It gives local people new rights to help shape the development of the communities they live in. Neighbourhood Plans allow communities to set out planning policies on the development and use of land in the ‘neighbourhood area’ which in Brundall’s case is the civil parish.    Any policies included within a Neighbourhood Plan need to conform to strategic planning policies and guidance at the local, national and European level; this means that it cannot be used as a mechanism to undermine established planning policies or planning permissions.   But local neighbourhood plans can be used to provide additional detail and guidance on issues that cannot be addressed in more strategic documents.

    A Working Group has been set up by the Parish Council to prepare the Plan including representatives from a range of community groups and organisations such as the primary school, the business group and Riverside Residents.  The Working Group is being supported by Ingham Pinnock Associates who will provide guidance on technical aspects of the process. Funding has been awarded by the Community Development Foundation (£5649)and Broadland District Council (£3530.25)

    13 Jan 2014

    In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Brundall Parish Council has made an application to Broadland District Council and The Broads Authority to designate a Neighbourhood Area, for the purposes of developing a Neighbourhood Plan. 

    The area that the Parish Council wishes to designate is that making up the civil parish of Brundall. 

    The Parish Council is the relevant body to make this application, for the purposes of section 61G of the 1990 Act. Anyone wishing to comment on this Neighbourhood Area application must do so before 5.00pm on Monday 24th February 2014 by writing to the Spatial Planning Manager, Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Rd, Norwich, NR7 0DU or emailing [email protected]

     The full Neighbourhood Area application can be viewed in the following locations: 

     Or follow the link below to visit general details about Neigbourhood Plans: http://www.broadland.gov.uk/housing_and_planning/5145.asp

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