Neighbourhood Plan

The Brundall Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in May 2016. Please see the document below to view the background and policies agreed and adopted following a rigorous and lengthy examination by residents and the planning authorities.

Brundall_Neighbourhood_Plan_Adopted May 2016



The Brundall Referendum on Friday 11th March resulted in the following outcome:

Question voted upon, “Do you want Broadland District Council and the Broads Authority to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Brundall area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

873 voters said YES (92%)

74 voters said NO (8%).

The turn-out was 29.5% of the total electorate – the highest turnout of all recent Broadland Neighbourhood Plans.

Six policies that emerged from the village consultation that took place in 2014-15.

The policies will aim to achieve:

  • the protection of the pedestrian environment on The Street
  • the provision of more walking and cycling routes
  • the preservation of two important views in Brundall
  • the development of more recreational opportunities
  • the supply of housing with care for older people
  • the enhancement of Brundall’s pre-school facilities


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