• Agenda Full Council 27 February 2023

    Here is the Agenda for the full Council Meeting to be held on Monday 27th February 2023:

    Agenda 27 February 2023(2)

    Draft Minutes 23 January 2023


    Payments schedule February 23 – summary
    GNLP5015 Gypsy & Traveller site North Burlingham
  • Brundall Sports Hub Update December 2022

    Brundall Parish Council are delighted to bring forward the third Quarterly update on the progress of The Sports Hub.  You can read the update below.




    Brundall Sports Hub – Quarterly Update December 2022 (1)
  • Agenda Full Council Meeting 24 October 2022

    Here is the full Council Agenda for Monday 24 October. 2022.


    Agenda 24 October 2022

  • Agenda Full Council Meeting 27 June 2022

    Here is the Agenda for the full Council meeting on Monday 27th June 2022:

    Agenda 27 June 2022


  • Agenda Extraordinary Meeting – Full Council 20 June 2022

    Please find below the Agenda for an extraordinary meeting on 20th June 2022:

    Agenda 20 June 2022

  • Volunteer’s Week Final Day (7) – A thank you to all volunteers!

    In the past 6 days we have paid a tribute and given thanks to some of the organisations and people who consistently volunteer to help make Brundall a vibrant and enjoyable place to live.

    Today, we would like to name as many of the other organisations in Brundall who also give of their time to improve the quality of life here. They are all appreciated and valued equally:

    Yare Valley Churches

    Brundall Allotment Association

    Brundall Charity Shop staff

    Acle and Brundall Lions

    Brundall Local History Group

    Brundall Memorial Hall – Committee and Clubs

    Friends of Brundall School

    Womens’ Institute – Evening and Afternoon

    Brundall Football and Sports Club

    Brundall Parkrun

    Brundall Twinning Association

    2nd Brundall Scouts – Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, Beavers, Cubs, Cadets

    Brundall Mens’s Shed

    Committee of Snowy’s Nursery

    If we have missed any other groups, please text 07809 144342 and we will gladly add them in.

    Once again thank you if you volunteer in any individual way in Brundall or as part of any group. You are indeed wonderful!!!




  • Volunteer’s Week Day 6 – Tree Warden Richard Farley

    Richard Farley – Brundall Tree Warden

    Today we focus on the role of Brundall’s Tree Warden Richard Farley. Brundall has had tree wardens for many years and they used to come under the Broadland District Council umbrella. However, only very recently the Broadland Tree Network (under the umbrella of the Tree Council) opted to take on the recruitment of all Broadland Tree Wardens in Broadland, following the decision by Broadland Council to end the scheme.

    Richard works with the policies and ethics of the Broadland Tree Network in mind (Chairman of the BTN is Brundall’s John Fleetwood). Between them they do a lot of physical work in our woodlands and Brundall owned areas bearing in mind they are both retired!!

    So what does a Tree Warden actually do? A Tree Warden volunteers their time to hear any  concerns residents or organisations have, should any trees become a concern. Where possible, they want to ensure that the stock of the parish is in good health and where possible to plant new trees (the right tree in the right place). They can also apply to have trees preserved under a TPO (tree preservation order).

    Brundall is fortunate to have a Tree Warden that goes above and beyond. Richard takes an avid interest in any planning application coming up for comment in Brundall and assesses  them to ensure they do not adversely affect any trees on site. He and John are always prepared to visit some more major application sites to assess them more thoroughly. Richard assessed the Berryfields Norfolk Homes planning application and gave a thorough critique of the landscape planting which resulted in a promise by them to change the type of some of the trees and hedging. He did the same for the Council’s upcoming Sports Hub 3G pitch application so this altered the plans to ensure the right trees and hedging were planted in the right places.

    Richard has had experience of caring for trees in his employment as Ranger at the Broads Authority where his job then was to inspect the BA areas. Now, as Brundall’s Tree Warden, he and John (BTN), together, have agreed to care for the trees on Church Fen and Low Farm Wood and will soon be planting more fruit trees in the orchard at the Countryside Park. He has ensured more trees and hedging were planted in the Cucumber Lane Cemetery.

    Richard is always on hand for the Parish Council to call upon to give his views and always gives his opinion with honesty and direct delivery! He is also a committee member of the Recreation and Wellbeing Committee as well as the newly formed Countryside Park Group. Although his passion is for trees, Richard runs his own allotment and is a committee member on the Brundall Allotment Association. He is also a great handyman and gave his time up to mend the WWII bench in the cemetery as we feared it had been damaged by vandalism beyond repair! He has helped build some of the structures at the Allotments. He was instrumental in installing a defibrillator for the Memorial Hall.

    Richard was voted as the 2021 John Evans Good Citizen by the Council last year, an accolade thoroughly deserved. We thank him for all he has done for Brundall over the years.

    Richard, wife Jane receiving his Good Citizen Award in 2021 presented by Chairman Kevin Wilkins
    Richard giving the car park hedge a haircut in the Countryside Park!
    Richard and John at Low Farm Wood
  • Volunteer’s week – Day 3 – Brundall’s Station Adopters

    Brundall’s Station Adopters:

    Brundall Gardens Station

    Greg Chandler and Gillian Lincoln are the Station adopters for Brundall Gardens Station. Gillian only recently joined Greg.

    Greg has been looking after the station since 2004 and was already winning awards back in 2007.  He is also on the steering committee (Wherry Lines Community Rail Partnership) representing station adopters on the Wherry line.  The displays changed once Gillian came on board some 3-4 years ago, her horticultural background has helped tremendously with the displays and a lot of the plants she grows from seed.   She has even managed to do red, white and blue wildflowers for the Jubilee!!
















    Brundall Gardens was the first station in East Anglia to receive the award under the new ‘Wildlife Friendly’ accreditation scheme. It was presented to station adopters, Greg Chandler and Gillian Lincoln, at the station by Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Corporate and Membership Development Officer, James Hogg, on Monday (25 April 22).

    Brundall Yare Railway Station Adopters

    Tanya Ward and Tom Adams care for the Yare Station and take an active role in looking after the station not just in its appearance but on a wider scale by overseeing the infrastructure and reporting any issues to the relevant authorities. Tanya is the co-owner of Brian Ward Marine Services and so is on site to deal promptly with any issues as they arise.

    Greater Anglia’s ‘Adopt a Station’ scheme enables individuals or groups to adopt their local railway station and contribute to its use and welfare. This voluntary scheme started in 2003 and today, station adopters play an active role in keeping stations beautiful through creative gardening projects, community art projects, taking part in station ‘health checks’, and being the eyes and ears of their station. Volunteers come from all walks of life, and the work they put into making their stations look and feel wonderful is for the benefit of everyone who uses the stations.

    Wherry Lines Stations (Greater Anglia):



    Brundall thanks Greg, Gillian, Tanya and Tom for their sterling efforts to make our stations look fabulous!! 

  • Volunteers Week 1st to 7th June 2022

    From 1-7 June we are celebrating Volunteers’ Week.

    It’s an opportunity to celebrate and thank the many volunteers we have across the parish of Brundall who give up their time to help our residents and keep our environment so beautiful.


    Cremer's meadow

  • Agenda Recreation and Wellbeing Committee 4 April 2022


    Agenda Recreation and Wellbeing Committee 4 April 2022

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